56,000 watts of fixed lighting in place.

System is wired for an additional 40,000 watts of lighting without overloading

Fifty six spare fifteen amp sockets are available to accommodate extra lighting requirements

With the exception of Bar 1, on-stage lights are usually adjusted by a ladder (which we will provide)

Bar 1 is mounted on a mechanical hoist

There are four pre-wired boom bars available front of house for lower angled lighting.

The follow spot operates at an acute angle from the FOH catwalk. Its beam does not spill onto the cyclorama

The FOH lighting is routed into twelve channels through a patch panel

Lighting desks are normally operated from a control room at the rear of the balcony but can also be connected and operated at the immediate front of the stage or from the rear of the auditorium in the seating area.

There is an enclosed catwalk behind the FOH lighting allowing for lighting adjustments and focusing before or during performances

Both the FOH lighting bar and the lighting control desk can be accessed from the stage through the attic catwalk

Other Technical details are available on request